Lyndon stopped me from entering the bank.

Siegurd can walk to his office in thirty minutes or less.

I made a list of the students' names in alphabetical order.

I don't want anybody to get hurt.


I've told you that before, haven't I?

I am a writer rather than a teacher.

He concealed his poverty from my eyes.

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We gave a farewell party in honor of her.

Hail, friends.

Marie thought you were in Boston.

He died last year of old age.

The team will go ahead with the plan soon.

I am taking her out to dinner tonight.

Joubert and Ravindran aren't back yet.

Come out of there.

There was one American, one Canadian, plus about ten Germans.

Rayan was up when Saad came home.

I know that you put your best effort into it.

In retrospect, that decision was a mistake.

Go and talk to her.


I've done many stupid things in my life.

There are some strange animals in that zoo.

Yes, that happens from time to time.

The storm rattled the shutters.

Put the knives and forks back in the cupboard.


The fall of the empire was inevitable.


You have no idea how to do this, do you?


We'll have a great time together.


Elaine is an assistant editor.

You'll have to attend the ceremony whether you are free or busy.

Is everybody on board?

Let's talk about safety.

Donna needs to get a high-paying job.

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Don't think I won't like it.


It's the best thing I ever did.

We'd better do that.

They might be able to help me.

I want to sleep! Sleep rather than live!

We remind you that all library books are due to be returned by 15th October.

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Nobody liked the soup.

He is not good at putting his thoughts into words.

You can be a real nuisance when you want to.

What are you going to do next year?

Ken's dog is very fat.

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She called everybody together for another party.

Now you know it wasn't my fault.

He was clearly one of us, a human being, and thereby a further proof that all of the human race are made in the image and likeness of God.


I remember seeing her.

She has both beauty and brains.

The Earth also rotates, or spins, on its axis. It takes one day to spin around one complete time.

I need help painting the fence.

Chicken pox outbreaks have inspired many children's parties.

I think this will change your mind.

Did you know that Tad had a son?


I wish Vick were here with us now.


She seemed to like him.

You're all racists.

We have to get something to eat.

Where can I get a cab?

A man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error.

I gave Donovan a baseball cap for his birthday.

She did that intentionally and with premeditation.

We can't be friends anymore.

We're very proud of you.

I like watching planes take off.

I think it's dangerous to climb a mountain on a day when it's stormy.


I'm inclined to agree with Sedat.

I had to make a list of things to buy.

Mickey is hearing something.

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When I play peekaboo with my baby, he stops crying immediately.


You are the losers of the game.

Tycho's painstakingly collected data was reduced by Kepler to become grist for the mill that ground out Newton's gravitational theory.

I'll go talk to Ritchey.

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It's vitally important.


The beauty of nature is precious.


I'll do it by all means.

I'm going to go shopping tomorrow.

After I watched TV, I went to bed.

I'm wondering how long $100 will carry me.

I shouldn't have yelled at them.


A number of times the vending machine didn't give any change.

Bring tea immediately!

Try and come up with a more reasonable excuse next time.

Low-fat milk for me.

Walk three more blocks and you will find the museum on your left.

Did you tell Laurent who you met last Monday?

Speech is silver, silence is golden.

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You're really quite stupid.


I missed you very much yesterday.


She was accused for nepotism.


I just don't like Andrew.


Did you sign the contract?

Our situation should improve in the near future.

Lum needs somebody to help him.

She is above any of her classmates in speaking English.

I even wrote a letter to them.

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We took the elevator down to the basement.

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We didn't expect an unveiling of the plan this soon.

Karen didn't want to look, but he couldn't help himself.

He is independent of his parents.

The mother greatly missed her daughter, who was away at college.

Joon was carjacked.

I love spending time with her.

Everybody loved it.


What kind of music do you like listening to?


He plays the piano better than I do.

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Why don't you have lunch with Scot?

The word Brasilia has four syllables and eight letters.

He flew into a rage.

You're preaching to the choir.

The boss just chewed him out again.

In the park, some sat on benches, and others strolled about.

The store is choked with customers.

Let's try to swim against the current.

We'll never catch him.

Wilson promises the Scots the moon.

Myrick has been here all afternoon.

I chose a place to pitch my tent.

Rainer's been so busy lately he doesn't know whether he's coming or going.

How long did you go out with him?

Sho doesn't know what to do next.

I do not think they will accept these terms and conditions.

She needs to change her lifestyle.

They call Robert "Bob".

I'd like to leave this book with you.

But, I'm going steady.

This time we have proof.

The spider responds with a swift attack.

Lum has worked hard all his life.


I disagree with this completely.

He will have left here by the time you return.

I want to go to my bed!

Faith is a never-ending pool of clarity, reaching far beyond the margins of consciousness. We all know more than we know we know.

I don't think you can do this.

Phillip was impressed with that.

Takayuki needs to come up with something fast.


I met him by accident.

Alain is ill at ease among strangers.

She did the work without any difficulty.

Jerome will never go back there.

Patty is wasting time.

I don't like fights.

He made for the door to answer the knock.


Jig, reel and hornpipe are the most popular irish dances.

Speak of the devil.

Patience wins out in the end.

I thought someone had taken care of this already.

Do you want to know what I think?

Russell obviously wasn't happy.

Please don't change anything.

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You may come and go at will.

Finish this.

Philippe gave Robin a lot of money.


They stayed away from the place.


Do you have any idea what's wrong?

Wednesday is near!

That'll teach you!

I think it's clearing up.

Do you understand this book?


Distance is the only thing that the rich are willing for the poor to call theirs, and keep.


Don't tell my husband.